My #GivingTuesday ask

It’s #GivingTuesday and although you will be inundated with deals and pleas today, I’m adding to the pile.
Normally, I’d ask you to give generously to the NW Parkinson’s Foundation …and I still want you to, if you are able.

But there’s more, and it’s not about money.
Here’s my simple “ask”:
Give to charities, yes, if you can. But more importantly, give of your SELF. Many of us —especially right now — feel ‘donor fatigue’ or just don’t have extra money to donate to charitable causes.
Give your TIME: volunteer for a cause that stirs you. Work with passion and purpose.
Give your TALENT: causes, charities and others need your skills (life and professional) as much as they need your cash. What are you good at?…Someone needs it.
Give your BUSINESS: If you own or operate a business, look at ways to leverage your business to help a local non-profit or charity. Not sure how to do that? Ask them!
Give your STUFF: I bet there’s some cool stuff you’re not using that a local non-profit would love to be able to use.
My point is this: Giving is not just about cash. It’s about You.
“To give genuinely is to give generously…”

So please: GIVE

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