Giving Tuesday: My Ask

It’s #GivingTuesday and although you will be inundated with deals and pleas today, I’m adding to the pile.
Normally, I’d ask you to give generously to the NW Parkinson’s Foundation or The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research…and I still want you to, if you are able. But there’s more, and it’s not about money.
Here’s my simple “ask”:
Give to charities, yes, if you can. But more importantly, give of your SELF. Many of us feel ‘donor fatigue’ or just don’t have extra money to donate to charitable causes.
Give your TIME: volunteer for a cause that stirs you. Work with passion and purpose.
Give your TALENT: causes, charities and others need your skills (life and professional) as much as they need your cash. What are you good at?…Someone needs it.
Give your BUSINESS: If you own or operate a business, look at ways to leverage your business to help a local non-profit or charity. Not sure how to do that? Ask them!
Give your STUFF: I bet there’s some cool stuff you’re not using that a local non-profit would love to be able to use.
My point is this: Giving is not just about cash. It’s about You.

“To give genuinely is to give generously…”

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