There is more to this right?

I love the way Benjamin is able to weave together these disparate parts of his life and his condition and his emotions.
Parkinsons is a complex beast. It is not a dragon to be slayed. A dragon, perhaps, to come to a level of understanding with…but not slayed. Not yet, anyway.
The courage and artistry Benjamin summons here and throughout his blog enrich us.

Thank you, Benjamin

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

***** please be aware that this post spans a number of days, mindsets and emotions. Please know “I’m fine”

There is a tired that grips me so deeply only those on their death beds and those whom live with high levels of chronic pain, neurological disorders and or cancer treatment survivors know about. It’s at the same place where motivation and inspiration used to live. It’s the void of the chemicals that make up our emotions, a rollercoaster made of medicine and a blank rola-dex where my memories used to be. It’s a tired that makes my soul weak. Everyday I dance with a demon that relentlessly tries to steal my thoughts and arrest my movements. Tendons bound and Frozen in place like steel cables taunt, ridged, as I was walking on the bottom of a frozen ocean. Mean while constantly trying to remember what I was doing…



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